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The 'Support Your Local Club' campaign is all about getting back to our grassroots as a state and supporting the activities of those that serve their community.  

We are calling on all South Australians to visit their local Club [sporting, RSL, community, ethnic Clubs] for a meal and a drink as they venture back out into the world of 'dining out' as we recover from the Covid-19 safety restrictions.

Clubs in South Australia perform a vital service to their local communities and the state as a whole.  During the recent venue shut downs the industry has suffered some incredible losses and needs you to help them recover.  

So when thinking about heading out for a drink or a meal, first consider supporting the not-for-profit Club around the corner.  Not only will you receive an affordable meal and drink but you will be welcomed with open arms and a thankful smile.

'Support Your Local Club' so they can continue supporting your Community.

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6 Ways to Support Your  Local Club


Give your local Club a call and make a reservation to enjoy a meal and drink.  

When considering where you would like to dine out why not pop into your local Club?  Not only will you receive an affordable meal and drink but you will be welcomed with open arms and a thankful smile.

Join or Renew your membership.

The benefits of being a member of a local Club far outweigh the costs involved.  Aside from supporting the Club financially, your membership could provide you with levels of discount on your food and beverage, regular updates on Club activities and opportunities to enter raffles and members draws.  Inquire at your local Club and see just how far your membership reaches.


Consider a Business Sponsorship of a Club

Becoming a Sponsor of a local Club can not only provide your business with the warm and fuzzies for supporting worthwhile community endeavours, but a number of great business opportunities.  Ask your local Club for any sponsorship packages they have available and see just how rewarding support your local community can be.



Join or return to training

Depending on your Club and sport, it is important for the local community to get back playing the games we as Australians love.  From Night Owl Lawn Bowls, to Amateur League Footy, whether you are returning after the Covid-19 hiatus, or considering joining for the first time, local Clubs continue to welcome players to their sports.  Contact your Club of choice of details on just how you can get involved.


Enjoy a drink or coffee with friends

It may be some time before you will be allowed to sit at the bar and "chew the fat" with the staff, but until then it should not stop you from enjoying an ice cold beer or wine with friends and family in the comfort of your local Club.  

Pop in and order your favourite whilst supporting the Community.


Offer to volunteer

It's a little known fact, that behind most Clubs there is an army of volunteers that keep it ticking.  From coaches, to bar staff, from cooks to green keepers, you will be surprised just how many dedicated volunteers are digging in at your local Club.

Why not join them?  Be a part of the incredible Club Community and support the businesses that provide the necessary infrastructure and facilities we all know and love.

Contact your local Club about volunteering - they would love to hear from you!

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